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Commercial-grade flooring is made to look and feel like all of your flooring favorites, but with some very important distinctions. Made to manage constant foot traffic, heavy equipment, and everyday accidents, commercial flooring is crafted quite differently than the products you use at home. Expert installation is vital to the success of your flooring, and we have the experience, manpower and Project Management to make your next project a success.

Franklin Flooring has over 25 years of experience as commercial flooring specialists. We’ve completed hundreds of school and commercial flooring projects on time and on budget.

We are family owned and operated, which means we are large enough to handle your project, yet small enough to be nimble and responsive to changing priorities, dates, rules, and regulations. Our qualified installers are skilled and knowledgeable and understand how important proper installation is to the life of your investment. Plus, we assign a dedicated project manager, available to you 24/7, to guide you through every step of the installation process, lessening your burden and stress levels and ensuring the job is done right.


Project Management

25 Years of Experience

Family Owned and Operated

Available 24/7

Flexible Manpower

History of Being on Time and On Budget

Reach out to us today for guidance on your next project, no matter how big or small.