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OWL℠ is a system of planning, coordination, communication, and installation designed to take the hassle out of renovating an occupied work environment. Franklin Flooring will work with you to update and revitalize your space with minimal disruption and impact on your operation. Your renovation will be guided by one of our skilled and experienced Project Managers. We will also provide you with a Project Plan and Color-Coded Phasing Plan tailored to meet your project's unique needs and goals.

We will work with you to select the right product to suit the needs of your space and to support the special installation requirements of an occupied environment.

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager that is on call 24-7 to respond to whatever needs may arise. Our Account Managers are trained to involve you the customer upfront in the planning process, and to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing. Your Account Manager will handle all multi-project programs for a single source of accountability and reporting, scheduling and planning, technical evaluations and concrete dryness testing, installation quality management, and management of inventory.

Furniture Handling and Lift Services

Our company was among the first in the industry to master this technology and our experience can be relied upon. Just ask the folks at Amtrak or Comcast why they trust us to handle their carpet replacement under their systems furniture. Our specialized lift system equipment is state-of-the-art. It allows us to lift your systems furniture in-place and install your new floor covering after hours. This reduces costs, downtime, and disruption to you and your employees.